Who is Miss Coco Calico?

How it all started...

Miss Coco Calico was a little calicocat living in the Netherlands, infamous for her huge bowtie collection and also known as a purrfesional red-dot catcher. She was born on July 20th 2017, became quickly instafamous with her fursiblings Boeffie, Rover & dogsister Donja but then died much too soon on May 4th 2020 from a tumor in her abdomen. We still honor Coco by keeping her Instagram & website in her name.

Cats of Instagram Community

When the pawrents started Coco's Instagram account, they discovered a new world on Instagram. They learned the purrticular way cats talk and made lots of really good furriends. The Cats of Instagram community is ameowzing. We love sharing our lives with our Instagram followers and talking to other cats and crazy catpeople!

Dogsister Donja, Coco & Rover all crossed the rainbowbridge
Dogsister Donja, Coco & Rover all crossed the rainbowbridge

Sister Boeffie

Coco has a big sister named Boeffie. She is a huge Main Coon cat or a Forrestcat mix. We don't exactly know, because she is a rescue. Boeffie was found as a kitten on a constructionsite. Luckily she was saved by the animal rescue services. Our pawrents couldn't resist when they saw Boeffie at the animal shelter.

Brother Rover

Coco had an handsome brother named Rover. He was a silvertabby British shorthair and he ruled our household. He died on November 2nd 2019 from kidney failure after a period of illness when he was 13 years old. Did you know that in human years my brother was 68 years old? That made him the senior in our house.

Dogsister Donja

Donja was a giant Bull Mastiff, a breed known for their kindness and killer jaws (just kidding). Coco & Donja were BFF's (Best Fur Friends) and we have the cutest IG videos to remember them.

Unfortunately Donja died on April 21st 2019, she was 9 years old.