Interactive cattoys are pawsome


Toys, toys, toys! As a crazy catmom i am always looking for new things to spoil my cats with. Next to all the catfurniture we own, it is so easy to buy lots of cattoys. But what cattoy is the best? And what keeps the cats entertained for a long period of time? I have bought so many catniptoys, balls and mice, but the cats seem to lose interest after a while.

My calico girl Coco is incredibly playful and has a high level of energy. And so does our black and white forrestcat Boeffie. It is essential to keep them entertained and what better way to do that than with interactive cat toys? Thankfully, today's market offers a range of challenging, intellectually stimulating cat toys that will help your cat stay in great shape and burn off that excess energy in no time.

I have made a list of the interactive cattoys that we own and that will keep even the pickiest cats entertained and amused! 

The Frolicat Zip

This is definitly Coco's most favorite toy. She won this toy last year in an Instagram giveaway. Everytime i get the toy out of the box, she gets super excited, totally ready to chase the red dot.

Anyone who's ever had a cat knows how much they are fascinated by lasers. However, the owners rarely share their enthusiasm, as laser chasing requires them to be the ones who are straining their wrists while pointing the laser for hours. Thankfully, the Frolicat Zip does all the work for you. This cute, robot-like toy shoots out laser beams in a randomized pattern, fulfilling your cat's lifelong dream to chase lasers until they are so tired they will want to take a very long nap. The toy has a 10-minute shut-off point so your feline won't go crazy chasing that elusive red dot. Besides preventing your cat from exhaustion, this will also extend the battery life.

I always was a little scared to use a lasertoy for cats, but the PetSafe FroliCat ZIP Automatic Laser Light provides a safe playtime for your cat thanks to its harmless red laser; there is also no danger of getting stuck since this cat toy navigates out of corners and from underneath furniture.

The VAVA Pet Interactive Cat Toy

Miss Coco Calico was so lucky to receive this interactive cattoy for free in an Amazon collaboration. We tested the toy with Coco and her siblings and showed our findings on Instagram. We also could offer our followers a 20% off discountcode what resulted in quite a few sales.

What does it do? The VAVA Pet Interactive Cat Toy is a feather teaser that entices your cat to try and catch it by randomly moving between the 6 different holes. An enjoyable way to bring out your cat's hunting instincts as well as mentally and physically stimulate them. Miss Coco Calico enjoys this toy but is more intrigued by it, than motivated to catch the feather. Her sister Boeffie is the opposite; she wants to grab the feather, take it out and kill it like it's a prey. It didn't come to that yet, because i supervise playtime, but if so, the toy comes with a spare feather that's easy to replace.

Luckily this toy will turn off after 8 minutes to save the power, but also to prevent catmom and catdad to go mad from the noise the toy makes. You better turn on some music while using this toy!

Ball Tower

There is definitely something magic about these cute balls, as our cats can't seem to stop swatting them around! This toy is the cheapest toy in our house, and never gets old for them.

If your cat loves chasing balls, this tower with three levels and three colorful balls will mesmerize them. Apart from offering your spoiled kitty triple the fun as the more basic, one-ball models, it's also suitable for multiple cats. The Tower of Tracks Cat Toy will entertain even the most energetic kittens and adult cats equally.

What i also love about this toy is that it doesn't require supervision. It occassionaly happens that we wake up in the middle of the night because one of the cats decided to play with the tower. To prevent that, better put it away in a cupboard at night!

Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

I bought the Catit Design Senses Play Circuit as a surprise for Coco's first adoptaversary on september 15th 2018. I wasn't sure if she would understand the toy, but she did immediately as you can see in the video.

The play circuit with a peek-a-boo track design will intrigue even the pickiest of felines. Even our old cat Rover is very excited to play with this track. The ball, that's partly hidden and can be accessed only through random holes will entice your cat and entertain them for a long time. Sometimes i put some cattreats in the circuit as a reward, and they love that!

Catmom's phone - TV BINI

Our little Coco is a true Millennial. She is the only cat in our household that gets really excited when she sees catvideo's on a phone or a TV screen. Coco has a favorite Youtube channel named TV BINI, that offers lots of videos and games for cats. In this video you can see Coco trying to catch flies on my phone.

Do you have any tips for new toys that we must try? Please let me know in a reaction under this blog or via my contactform.