My favorite Calico poem


There are many stories of calico cats bringing good luck to their owners, especially in Japan. People in the United States address the calico cat as money cats. And there is a very strong self-belief that calico cats have magical powers and they save humans using those powers. Calico cats are meant to be only females and just 1 out of the 3000 born is a male.  And the calico pattern cannot be passed on via cloning or breeding, it is a thing in their DNA. These facts make calico cats very special. 

So it is to no surprise many books and stories mention a calico cat. A few years ago i came a across this poem about a calico cat. I don't remember the author, but it is my all time favorite!

Some cats are brown,
All up and down

Some cats are black,
From front to back

Some cats are white,
And that's all right

But as for me,
I like all three

I am Calico!