Meet Miss Coco Calico! 

Welcome to the official website of Instagram's @miss_coco_calico

Purrlease let me introduce myself: I am Coco, a little Calicocat living in the Netherlands, infamous for my huge bowtie collection and also known as a purrfesional red-dot catcher. I was born on July 20th 2017 on a farm in Holland, after 8 weeks I came to live with my current family. I am the latest addition in the Tempelaars-Schipper household. 

COI Community
When my catmom Sabine started my Instagram account, she discovered a new world on Instagram. She learned the purrticular way cats talk and made lots of really good furriends. The Cats of Instagram community is ameowzing. Catmom loves sharing our lives with our Instagram followers and talking to other cats and crazy catpeople!

Fun Calico fact 

Ever wondered why a majority of Calico cats are females? The reason behind this is the genetic component of these cats. Also, Calico is not a special breed of cats, rather, a trait attributed to any domestic cat having orange-black patches! Mind boggling, isn't it?

Brother Rover

I have 3 furry siblings. My handsome brother is named Rover. He is a silvertabby British shorthair and he is 12 years old. Did you know that in human years my brother is 65 years old? That makes him the senior in our house.

Rover always keeps an eye on me. Whenever i meow or run after my sister, he comes to check on me if i am alright. That's what big brothers do i guess!

Sister Boeffie

I also have an big sister named Boeffie. She is a huge Main Coon cat or a Forrestcat mix. We don't exactly know, because she is a rescue. Boeffie was found as a kitten on a constructionsite. Luckily she was saved by the animal rescue services. She ended up in a local animalshelter. 

Our catmom couldn't resist when she saw Boeffie on the website of the animal shelter. That was 4 years ago and Boeffie has grown into a giant cat with the fluffiest fur you can imagine.

Dogsister Donja*

Then there is another creature in the house, the humans call her a dog but i refer to her as my dogsister. Her name is Donja and she is probably the biggest dog in the neighborhood. Donja is a giant Bull Mastiff, a breed known for their kindness and killer jaws (just kidding). The dog and I are BFF's (Best Fur Friends) and nobody can come between us.

* Unfortunately my dogsister died on Eastersunday 2019. I am heartbroken and miss my BFF deeply!